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Professional Development

Professional Development
The delivery of training and assessment does not constitute professional development on its own. Professional development activities require structure and a clear link to how the trainer and assessor’s skills and knowledge have been enhanced through their participation. Professional development can also be formally or informally managed. It may not be necessary that trainers and assessors attend formal training courses, when they can obtain benefits from a combination of other interactions such as shadowing or following another trainer, reading the latest information on a topic, and continuing to actively seek out new competency-based training methods to trial. However, whether formal or informal, your organisation needs to ensure that you have planned and implemented development opportunities for all trainers and assessors. In addition to recording the evidence of staff participation in professional development opportunities, your RTO should also actively review the outcomes of the activities, and implement these learnings to improve your RTO’s training and assessment practices.
SKG is dedicated to helping you comprehend the most effective methods for conducting and managing professional development records efficiently.
Short Courses
In this dynamic industry, we firmly believe that a personalized approach to professional development (PD) is essential to address the unique challenges faced by RTOs. As the demand for showcasing quality assurance and robust governance practices increases, relying solely on pre-recorded short courses or standard PD offerings may prove insufficient. Instead, we recognize the need for tailored and adaptive PD solutions that can effectively cater to the specific needs and ever-evolving scenarios within each RTO. At SKG, we are committed to providing customized short courses that directly address the real-time issues your college is currently facing. To ensure relevance and effectiveness, we will seek Expressions of Interest (EOI) from your institution, identifying the precise issues and gaps within the industry that require attention. Based on these inputs, we will schedule the short courses either onsite for your staff or online via platforms like Zoom, ensuring convenience and accessibility for your team. Our aim is to empower your staff with practical and targeted PD that helps your RTO thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.
PD Plan for Trainers and Assessors
Providing professional development for trainers and assessors brings many benefits to your students who will experience the most current and relevant training industry opportunities, in a modern and appropriate training environment. In the VET sector, trainers and assessors are required to have specified training and assessment credentials as a minimum. By continuing to develop VET professional skills and knowledge, trainers and assessors are better prepared to manage the variety of teaching and assessment scenarios they encounter.
Changes to Vocational Education Training (VET) methods are generally prompted in order to be more responsive to student and industry needs and to produce more efficient and effective student outcomes.We at SKG will assist you to create a customized PD Plan to ensure it will ensure your trainers and assessors stay current with the latest educational practices.

Professional development Plan 

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