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About Us

We keep Compliance at our heart &
finance in the brain

SKG is a amalgamation of Education and financial industry experts under one roof. Our consultants/ directors and affiliate partners have years of experience within the industry (Education & Finance) . We understand the pulse of the industry in today’s date and have the skills to match the pace of this fast changing and growing industry. Our solutions will always keep your budgets and compliance on track!


Khushboo Gupta (Khush)

Professional Accountant
addicted to Compliance

(Khush), is the founder and Director of SKG Consulting Services.
She’s been actively involved in the vocational education sector for over 17 years. Apart from vast experience in quality auditing she also has a thorough understanding of very complex laws and legislation including but not limited to Commercial law, Standards of RTO 2015, National Code 2018, ESOS Act 2000, Auditing & Accounting Standards. Given the professional expertise and a keen interest in the Education industry, she has assisted numerous RTO’s from setting up new RTO to re-registrations and implementing ongoing systems to ensure compliance within the organisation.
You’ll always find her on the system!

Khushboo Gupta’s interview on Compliant Learning Resources

Tina Xie
Focus is an understatement for her

Tina brings a wealth of experience, having worked across all facets of an RTO, from admissions and academics to training, and appointed CEO to RTO’s, where focus and attention to detail are ingrained in her work. She boasts a diverse range of qualifications, including TESOL, Masters of Professional Accounting, and management, to name a few.

Having built her role from the ground up, Tina empathizes with the challenges faced by RTOs and understands their pain points even before they are articulated. Since 2015, she has been instrumental in training numerous staff and trainers as part of her professional journey.

You will find her with her kids or in kicthen when not working 🙂

Himanshi Arora (Himanshi)
Can talk about PD all day

Boasting nearly a decade of expertise in the Vocational Education sector, and a wealth of experience in HR & PD, Himanshi possesses an innate passion for performing business health assessments and disseminating knowledge.

Having worked across various roles in Registered Training Organizations (RTOs), she has developed a comprehensive understanding of both ASQA and CRICOS Compliance requirements. This proficiency equips her to assist training organizations in effectively harmonizing compliance with business objectives.

You will always recieve an improvement tip from her at the end of conversation!

Divya Rengarajan
An avid learner

Divya embarked on her journey in the education sector with SKG in 2021, initially joining as an intern to gain comprehensive insights into the education industry. Armed with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in biomedical engineering, her unexpected passion for the education sector flourished within three years, given her earlier role as an assistant professor for three consecutive years in 2015.

Driven by her unwavering passion and a thirst for continuous learning, Divya swiftly acquired a profound understanding of the overall processes within RTOs. Her qualifications and prior teaching experience synergized to fuel her mind with innovative ideas, whether it be enhancing existing processes or posing spontaneous questions out of curiosity that sparked transformative change. In the last few years, she has demonstrated remarkable growth in both her understanding and knowledge base.

When not immersed in work, Divya’s energetic nature tends to lead her into various misadventures, from potential stair falls to other unpredictable injuries.

We make sure not to let her off the hook anytime !

Vishal Dawda (VD)

Designer at Heart
Compliance freak at brain!

VD is a lucid communicator, with a creative mind. Actively involved with RTOs for the last 12 years, he has extensive knowledge of the vocational education and training sector, ASQA Standards for RTO’s and the ESOS legislative framework. He has held senior management positions at various RTOs. In these roles, he has prepared for audits, provided rectifications, and strengthened continuous improvement systems. As a senior consultant at SKG Consulting Services, his focus is on ensuring RTO’s engage in effective high-quality training and assessment practices that meet compliance requirements. He takes a keen interest in e-learning and how RTO’s can leverage training costs, while effectively engaging students via online learning platforms and maintain compliance.
His other interests include random DIY projects! When he’s not on system you’ll find him with the drill.