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ASQA Performance Assessment

The performance assessment (audit) process Includes 5 key steps, they include:

Contact you and plan the scope of your performance assessment
a. make initial contact with you
b. request preliminary information
c. plan the scope of the performance assessment
d. hold an opening meeting with you

  1. your compliance with the standards is tested by collecting and analysing evidence via:
    a. information requests via email
    b. virtual or onsite observations
    c. interviewing you, your trainers, assessors, students and others
  2. hold a closing meeting to explain findings to date
  3. write a performance assessment report that identifies compliance and non-compliance
  4. share our findings with you and outline the next steps.
    How to prepare for Performance Assessment If you have sound systems, policies and processes and your staff consistently put these into practice in your day-to-day operations, preparing for a performance assessment (audit) is not necessary.

    You should always ensure:

    • your student experience meets the requirements of the standards
    • you meet your legal and management responsibilities.

    To check you meet each of your requirements, you should:

    • carry out regular self-assessment
    • ensure the way your staff operate and conduct your business aligns with your documented systems and processes.

    Key questions to consider for Performance assessment

    The performance assessment process considers 3 key questions:

    1. Does your practice align with the requirements of the Standard?
    2. Do you have a system for ensuring ongoing compliance with the Standard?
    3. Do you regularly monitor, review and continuously improve (self-assure) to ensure compliance with the Standard?

    Self Assessment Tool

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